Welcome to the Singer Mansion at Kregmont Dr

Singer Mansion at 1150 Kregmont Dr, Glendora
Singer Mansion is your home away from the madding crowd of city living high atop the Glendora mountains. It is a historical landmark built at the turn of the century by the affluent heirs of the well-known singer family of the Singer Sewing Machine company. It is built on a 5.7 acre estate with sweeping views of the valley which includes views all the way to Glendale on a clear day. It was part of over 200 acres of orange groves which was maintained by the family of the years. In the last few years that it was owned by the Parayno family, it was used as a Retreat Center hosting live-in retreats for young and old from various churches and organizations. Today, it is a home for working professionals, people who choose to slow down, business owners, professors and students from the nearby colleges. Its serene atmosphere and and melodic chorus of singing birds has attracted a Classical music composer, a retired PHD, a college professor, several business-owners to call the mansion their home. Maybe, you too can call it your own and be part of the rich history of the house.

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